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Crux Cybernetics is a boutique technology company at the forefront of global Internet developments in intelligent business systems. Crux provides leading-edge yet practical solutions.
For expert advice on how to tackle technology and software engineering problems leveraging Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledgers and Big Data we have the experience to offer architectural analysis and design consultation in areas as diverse as telecommunications and the financial markets. We will find a cost-effective solution that meets your immediate needs and budget.

Products & Services


  • Freshwater Fund Management Tool for Trade and Fund Management and Tax Reporting
  • Trifin: Financial Timeseries Analysis and Forecasting tool based on Semantic Sequence Analysis and Deep Neural Network Learning




  • Consulting Services for the integration and exploitation of Information Technology Solutions including Machine Learning, Distributed Ledger Technology, Electronic trading and eCommerce and Big Data.


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Company Name: Crux Cybernetics Pty Ltd